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American Circuits offers two types of testing service. First is bare board electrical testing. We test bare boards for opens or shorts using every pad on the board. This is especially important for complex boards with fine lines and for Multi-Layer boards. Even the best human inspector can miss a microscopic short or open in a complex board. A testing machine tests every segment of every trace, 100%. The inner layers of a Multi-Layer board can only be visually inspected prior to the lay-up of the board. Once they are encapsulated in fiberglass, they can only be inspected by machine. American Circuits electrically tests 100% of Multi-Layer boards prior to shipping, to insure you receive a quality product.

The second type of testing we offer is finished assembly testing. We use a test fixture to perform actual functional testing of the board, after the component assembly has been completed. Whatever your requirements, including initial setup of pots, whatever your requirements. You can supply us with a test fixture, testing instructions, and pass/fail criteria. Or, we can build a fixture for you using your test requirements. We will go as far as necessary to provide you a quality product you’re happy with.






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