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Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Manufacturing

At the heart of American Circuits is a full featured bare PCB manufacturing facility. We manufacture boards encompassing a very diverse range.  We help ensure RoHS and lead free compliance and meet specifications for various industries including military, aircraft, aerospace, and medical.


Single Sided Boards are the simplest boards and can be produced very quickly. Boards of this type aren’t used very much anymore. They lack the ‘barrel’ (the plated hole) of double sided plated through hole boards. This barrel makes for a much better solder joint since the solder can flow freely around a larger area of the component leads giving a larger soldered surface area. Years ago, single sided boards were much cheaper to produce than plated through hole boards but now the difference is negligible.


Double Sided Boards are the bread and butter of the Printed Circuit market. The vast majority of boards are of this type. With solder pads on both sides of the board and the ability to have circuits running in one direction on one side and the other direction on the other side, this type of board meets the criteria of durability, solderability, and dependability for a wide range of products for a wide array of customers.


Multi-Layer Boards are used where space and circuit density are constraints. These boards are being used more and more as components and products get smaller and smaller. There can be 20 or more layers of circuitry in a multi-layer board. Of course, as the density increases, so does cost. As cost becomes an issue, a good rule of thumb is to use the fewest layers possible for the design at hand.


Flexible Circuit Boards are quite common. An example everyone is familiar with is the flexible circuit board connecting the print head to the printer in an inkjet printer.


Rigid Boards and Flexible Boards can also be combined in a single circuit board.


Exotics are boards made with materials such as Kapton or Teflon.


American Circuits manufactures all of these types of boards. We offer competitive pricing and rock solid delivery dates. When we make a commitment, we meet it!






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